How to set up memberships and create custom bundled/family memberships in your store

The Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) store makes purchasing standard and customized PTA memberships online a breeze!



Follow these steps to set up your memberships in the Givebacks store 

1. Click on Memberships under your tools on the left menu and then click Manage Member Types



Note: Your standard state membership types will already be listed in the store. You can edit these memberships or create new custom/bundled memberships from this page.


3. Fill out the Membership Name, Short Description, Long Description, Number of Members, and the price as well as category. 

Note: Your membership level price must be greater than the number of potential members that are joined multiplied by the amount due to the state for each member ($4 in the below example but your State PTA may charge a different price).


Note: The following fields are automatically included when someone purchases a membership online through your site or an administrator manually enters a membership: first name, last name, email address OR a mobile phone number, and member type. 

4. Add Additional Fields by clicking change next to it in the next section. 


5. Click add custom option and then fill in the pop-up box and click save.  See Adding Custom Fields for Products or Memberships for more details on creating Custom Fields.



6. If you wish to give the item an expiration date or make it live at a later date only, Click change next to Store Visibility and enter dates.


7. Add photos to your membership. Click Add next to Photos and Add Image, then next.


8. Be sure to click save on the top right.



** To bundle Memberships with other items in your store, check out this Article: How to Bundle Products



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