How do the Credit Card Processing fees work for the store?

The combined credit card processing fee and platform fee for your Givebacks store is 3.95% plus $0.59 per transaction. You can pass the fee on to the payor or the organization can absorb it. Go to Store Management then Edit Store Settings to change who pays the fee.

How much are the credit card fees with the Givebacks Store? 

The fee for the store is 3.95% of the total cost + $0.59 per transaction. This is inclusive of the Stripe credit card processing fee and the Givebacks platform fee. 

Your organization has the ability to choose to pass the fee on to the payer or absorb it directly. Based on how your organization chooses to handle this, the fee is calculated a bit differently to ensure the organization is always getting the full amount

If you choose to absorb the fee:

The fee is calculated as 3.95% of the item cost, plus $0.59 per transaction.

Example on a $10 purchase: 3.95% of $10.00 = 0.395 rounded to $0.40. $0.40 + $0.59  per transaction = $0.99.

  • Since your organization is opting to pay the fee, the $0.99 would be subtracted from the $10, and your organization would receive $9.01 in your payout. 
  • Your customer would pay $10.00.

If you choose to pass the fees on to your payor:

The fee is calculated as 3.95% of the total charge, including the 59 cents per transaction. 

Example on a $10 purchase: $10.00 + $0.59 = $10.59.

Since the percentage fee is 3.95%, the calculation is 1 - 0.395 = 0.9605 (this .9605 should be used on any total item cost).

$10.59/.9605 = $11.03.

  • $11.03 is the total the customer would pay
  • $10.00 goes to the organization 
  • $1.03 goes to covering processing fees

You can read this article on how our payment processor, Stripe, calculates fees when fees are being passed on to the customer. 

Note: There are no fees for cash or check payments.


How to Pass on the Fees with Givebacks

In the store settings page, you can choose who absorbs the fees -- the customer or the organization.  

  1. From the toolbar select Store Management, then select Edit Store Settings.
  2. Choose between Pass on processing fees to your payers or Cover processing fees for your payers. Click Save.


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