Managing inventory in your online store

In your Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) online store, you have the option to track inventory for non-membership products. Inventory will automatically update for purchases made in your store and you can manually update inventory for in-person purchases and restocks.  When inventory reaches zero shoppers will not be able to add the item to their cart.

Turning on inventory for a product

When creating or editing a product, scroll down to Inventory Tracking and click change to adjust the setting. 


Then check the box to turn on inventory tracking.




If your product has no sizes, colors, or custom fields, you will have one inventory to manage. If your product has colors and/or sizes, you’ll manage the inventory for each color/size combination. You can also add additional “select” fields which you will be able to manage inventory for.

Adding a “text” or “multi-select” custom field has no effect on inventory.


Setting and making adjustments to inventory


On the Product Index page, click the inventory for your product.  Inventory of all items will begin at '0' and can then be adjusted.


Enter a number in the box to set your initial inventory and then click Adjust. You can make manual adjustments here as well. To decrement your inventory just enter a negative number, such as -5.


View inventory adjustments

Click on View History in the top right corner of each inventory group to see a history of adjustments.

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