What does the asterisk or 'TBD' mean?

Learn how pledge amounts are displayed and calculated on your A-thon experience.

If you choose to display donations made on your A-thon fundraiser page, you might notice that the donation amounts sometimes have an asterisk (*) next to them, or show as TBD instead of a dollar amount.



A TBD means the donor made a per-unit pledge without adding a limit. With no limit added, there is not a way to estimate the donation until activity results are entered. We show TBD here to reflect that a donation has been made. These donations are not included in the estimated total amount raised.

The actual amount of this donation will be calculated after you enter activity results.This will then be reflected on the donation and in your total amount raised.

One-time Donations (ex: $35)

A one-time donation is where the donor enters a set amount and their credit card is immediately charged. These amounts are immediately included in your amount raised because they do not have any kind of per-unit pledge associated with them.


Experience Management

In your experience reports, the view pledges report in your experience management menu will give you a full breakdown of each pledge. From this page, you can see whether the pledge was per-unit with or without a limit, or a flat donation. If the donation has an amount with an asterisk next to it, this is a per unit pledge with a max amount entered.If there is just an asterisk in the amount column, this is a per unit pledge with no max amount entered. An amount with no asterisk is a one-time donation.


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