What is Product Fundraisers?

Product Fundraisers is an easy way to raise passive money for your organization. You can place special offers from businesses in your online store - things families use regularly, like $20 for $40 worth of pizza, or 30% off an online learning session.

Then, your organization gets up to 20% donated back on every purchase.

Product Fundraisers is included in your Givebacks online store, and there's nothing you have to learn. No extra work is required. No strings attached. Seriously.  Learn how to get started with Product Fundraisers


How does Product Fundraisers work?

Product Fundraisers allows your organization to raise passive revenue while giving your community great deals and special offers.  Learn how to get started with Product Fundraisers.


1. Subscribe to Product Fundraisers. Every week, you'll get offers & savings specially crafted for your community, from businesses that want to support your organization.

2. Place Product Fundraisers Offers in your online store. Add offers to your online store, where your supporters can easily shop, get great deals on everyday family purchases, and support your organization!

3. Get up to 20% donated back. Up to 20% of all Product Fundraisers offers sales in your online store are donated back to your organization. This is a win-win way to boost local businesses and raise passive revenue for your organization. No extra work is required. No strings attached. Seriously.


Does Product Fundraisers cost anything?

Nope! There's no cost for your organization to use Product Fundraisers! Product Fundraisers is another great feature of your Givebacks account and online store. We cover our costs by collecting a fee from businesses. We will never charge our users to take advantage of the Product Fundraisers feature.


What notifications will be sent to my users?

You can customize the notification settings in your Store administration tab.  We recommend that you let users know about your Product Fundraisers.


How much money will my organization get from Product Fundraisers?

Your organization will get up to 20% of all Product Fundraisers offer sales donated back. That's compared to traditional retail and grocery loyalty programs, which typically give back from 0.5% to 4% on sales of select products.


Do I have to do anything to use Product Fundraisers?

Product Fundraisers is already part of your Givebacks account - just log in to your Givebacks account to subscribe to Product Fundraisers and add offers to your online store. 

Then, the best thing to do is promote Product Fundraisers offers to your supporters and share offers with your social networks. The more people who purchase offers, the more passive revenue you raise for your organization.


How will I know if an item is sold?

You will see orders on your store orders page just like every other transaction through your store. You will also see your portion of the funds listed in your weekly Stripe payout report detailing your deposited funds.


How should I account for Product Fundraisers proceeds?

Givebacks is an email marketing and commerce platform with a social purpose. Businesses market their products and services through our wholly-owned platform to the users of our software. As part of Givebacks' social mission, we donate a defined percentage of our marketing sales to nonprofits. Proceeds your organization receives from Givebacks from sales of offers through Product Fundraisers should be characterized as a contribution from Givebacks.

Disclaimer: This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal, or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal, and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.


How will my organization get the money?

Product Fundraisers funds will be delivered directly into your Givebacks Stripe account.


What's the catch?

There is no catch. Givebacks is in this business to make things better. We designed Product Fundraisers so everyone wins. We collect a fee from businesses to cover costs and we'll never charge our users to use Product Fundraisers.
  • You are in control of adding offers to your  online store.
  • Givebacks NEVER sells or shares personal data.
  • This is an excellent way to connect your community with special local offers!
  • Shoppers are notified that your organization doesn't officially endorse any business, product, or service offered.


How long do I have to place a Product Fundraisers offer in my online store?

New offers will be available in the Product Fundraisers dashboard and can be added to your store at any time. When you add an offer to your store, your members can see and purchase the offer immediately.


Will I be able to control which offers go in my online store?

Always! Visit your Product Fundraisers dashboard periodically to see new offers that are available to add to your store. You can also remove or pause offers at any time.


How do businesses find my organization?

The Givebacks team does all the work securing merchants who want to promote their business and give back to your organization.

We've just released an easy, fun tool in your Givebacks account for you to search and recommend your favorite local businesses! When you recommend local businesses that your community loves, our team will invite them to participate in Product Fundraisers. We'll help them craft great offers for your online store. 


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.


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