How do I introduce Product Fundraisers to my supporters?

Here's sample text you can use in an email.

Dear Supporters,

We are excited to tell you about a new way you can support our cause through everyday purchases.

Our Givebacks online store has a new category called "Product Fundraisers"! Here, you'll find special offers made exclusively for our community - for EVERYDAY family purchases - things like $20 for $40 worth of pizza, or 30% off an online learning session.

The best part is up to 20% of ALL sales go back to our organization!

Please support our organization and get a great deal by purchasing Product Fundraisers offers from our Givebacks online store. Go check it out now!!

Here is the link: [link to your e-store]

Also - If YOU own a business and you're interested in listing an offer in our online store for our community, please let us know! We want to include your business.
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