How do I use the Givebacks POS app with the credit card reader?


The Givebacks POS app linked to our credit card reader is great for accepting payments at in-person events. The Givebacks POS app allows you to either shop directly from items in your Givebacks store or process quick payments by entering a payment amount. You can collect payment by credit card or choose to record a cash payment during the checkout steps. 

Download the latest version of the Givebacks POS app from the Apple store and order your credit card reader via your Givebacks Stripe settings page to get started. For more information see How do I order a credit card reader?

The reader can only pair with one device at a time. So for example, if you want 4 credit card readers available for use, you will also need 4 iOS devices with Givebacks POS installed. Each reader can then be paired with its respective device.

Card Reader Instructions

Givebacks POS is designed to work with two versions of Stripe Credit card readers. For information on charging, indicator lights, and other hardware details, you may find details here:

Setting up your credit card reader

1. Install the free Givebacks POS app from the Apple App Store.

2. Log in to the Givebacks POS app using your previously existing Givebacks login credentials.

3. Select the organization you want to connect to. If you are part of multiple organizations, you will want to make sure to select the correct organization.

4. Browse your store items to ensure your store is set up as you want. You may create products and adjust visibility in your Givebacks site under Store Management > Manage Products. 

5. To pair your reader with the Givebacks POS app, click the settings icon in the top right corner, then select Connect Reader. Make sure your card reader is on and the blue light is blinking.

Note: You will not be able to add items to your cart or click Process a Quick Payment until a card reader is paired.


6. When the reader has been found, you will see an indication. Click on the # reader found... and then select the reader you want to pair with your device.  When it is paired, you will see a Success message.


7. Choose Okay and Done until you return to the Givebacks terminal screen.



Shop from Items in your store

1. Select View Products. You can search by keywords in the item and/or category name or filter by category to find items more easily.


2. View your product list and select the desired item. Enter the required data for the order and add the item to the cart.


3. You can use the additional donation section to easily add a donation to your purchase. 


4. When you are ready, click Charge. You’ll be prompted to enter an email address for the receipt or choose no receipt.  

5. Tap, insert, or swipe the credit card to complete the transaction.


6. Successful payments will display a success message. 



Processing a Quick Payment

1. In the Payment screen, enter the information as prompted: 

  • Price is the total amount charged. If your Givebacks store is set up to pass processing fees to your payer, those fees will be added to the price entered. 
  • Notes about the order will be visible to Organization and Store admins in your Order details and Order Report. 


 2. Click the Charge button and you will be prompted with a confirmation screen.


3. Click Continue. You’ll be prompted to enter an email address for the receipt or choose no receipt. Next, you will see a screen indicating that the Reader is Ready for Card.  


4. Tap, insert, or swipe the credit card to complete the transaction.


Complete the checkout process

1. After choosing your receipt options, you can either tap, swipe, or pay to charge a credit card, or click “Record Cash Payment” to accept cash.



2. If you choose Cash, you will see an extra confirmation step to confirm the payment.



3. Upon completion of credit card or cash payment, you’ll see a success message.




Troubleshooting Bluetooth connection issues

Make sure you do not have the device paired via iPhone Bluetooth settings and only begin the pairing process when the Givebacks POS app is open. If you have previously paired the device, make sure to choose Forget Device in your Bluetooth settings. Then, start fresh by closing the Givebacks POS app, turning off the reader, and disabling Bluetooth. Then turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone, log in to the Givebacks POS app, click settings, connect the reader, and then turn on your reader in pairing mode.


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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