Record Cash/Check Orders in the Store

Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) has added the option to allow you to record cash/check payments in the Givebacks Store. You must be logged in as a store admin to do so. Only full admins can record cash/check payments and the option is not available for your regular customers.

1. Go to your Live Givebacks store

You can access the storefront by clicking View Store from the left menu.

2. Choose the item or items you would like to purchase > fill in the required information and click the add to cart button to go to checkout.

Note: Product Fundraisers offers cannot be purchased via cash/check.



3. Click the Cart Icon on the top right to go to checkout



4. Choose Record Cash/Check Payment and fill in the form including the name, email, and phone from above.


4. Then click the Checkout button. 

No fees will be charged for cash/check entry.


Good to Know: 

  • Any Memberships sold this way will still appear on your Members list.
  • A receipt will be sent to the purchaser once you create the order. If a membership was purchased, the receipt will contain a link to the purchaser's membership card.
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