How to Set Up your Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) Website

Givebacks now offers the ability to build a custom website for your organization directly within your Givebacks store! This feature provides an easy way for you to have a fully customizable public site your users can visit that highlights things like your current fundraisers and products from your store all in one place - a place that does not require a login to access!

To start setting up your website, please click the Website Builder under Your Tools on the left menu then choose the Manage Website option from the drop down.



Once you click the Get Started button, your Home Page is already started for you. Within the Givebacks website builder, you have the ability to create up to 6 pages for your site.


  • Click the 3 dots next to this page on the website admin to see options to edit the home page and edit the page visibility. 
  • You can also click Add Page to start building a new page.


While editing the Home Page, you can adjust the following sections by clicking them and entering the details in the box. Be sure to click Save on the top of the page after each edit.

  • Top Banner Image and Text
  • About us section
  • Get Connected 


For best results displaying your header image, we recommend image size of 1000 pixels by 200-300 pixels. 

  • Feature products from the store - Click this to turn on the option to show featured products on your storefront. To mark products as featured:
    • Visit your Store Admin - Products tab.
    • Click the checkmark under the live column for the item you wish to feature.
    • Check the box to feature this product.


Setting up other pages:

To get started, click the Add Page link on the bottom of the Website admin page.


Once you do so, fill in the form to create the page:

  • Name the Page - This name will appear on the Website navigation menu.
  • Choose the path for the website, otherwise known as the portion of URL after the /. Such as These options are editable after creation by clicking the eye on their row on the websites page.
  • Choose the Layout - Note: Pages types are not editable once chosen
    • Content Page 
      • Customizable Header Text and optional Image
      • Title Section/ Text Body
    • Custom Page Editor
      • Drag and drop page editor
      • Build your own page layout and fully customize the page
      • Learn more here
    • Events Page NOTE: this page will only work for Givebacks accounts that include a PTA/PTSA tab in the Admin Console.
      • Pulls your events automatically from your calendar
      • Not editable
    • Landing Page 
      • Set up like Home Page Above
    • Officers Page  - NOTE: this page will only work for Givebacks accounts that include a PTA/PTSA tab in the Admin Console.
      • Pulls your officers directly from Givebacks and makes your titles/emails easily accessible to your unit. 
      • Not editable
  • Set Available and Expiration dates if you wish.


You are ready to start setting up your new page! Go back and click the 3 dots to edit the new page (for Landing Pages and Contents Pages).



Make Your Website Live:

Turn the whole website on and each page individually:


Click edit Visibility then choose the is live checkbox to turn on each page. Click the Make Live button on the top right to turn on the website.


You are done! You have a complete website for your unit! You can find your website link at the top of the website admin page to share with your users!


Helpful tips:

You do not need to use the Landing Page layout as your home page. 

  • To use a different page layout for your homepage, rename the Path of your original Landing Page to something other than "/".  
  • Create a new page of any layout that you want.  Set the path for the page that you want to be your Home Page to "/"






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