FAQ for Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) Websites

Read below to find answers to common questions about the new Givebacks Website feature. 

Q - Who can access the website?

A - Anyone! Your Website will be publicly visible to any parents/community members alike. It will not require a login to visit. 


Q - How many pages can our website have?

A - Your Website can have a total of 6 pages linked in the menu.  There is no limit to the total number of pages you may have.


Q - Does the home page have to be the Landing Page format?

A - You homepage can be any format you want.  Your default Landing Page will be originally set to have the path of "/".  This designates it as your Home Page or the Page that visitors will see first when they access our Givebacks site.  To use a different page for your "Home Page", you may edit the path of the original home page to something other than "/" and edit the path of your new home page to "/". 

You may edit the path of a page by clicking the 3 dots in the Menu and choose Edit Visibility.

Note:  At least one page must have the path of "/" to designate the page as the Home Page.  Otherwise, your website will not be accessible.


Q - What will the website URL be?

A - Your website URL will be your Givebacks URL. It will be formatted as subdomain.memberhub.com. 


Q - How do I feature a store item?

A - Just visit your Store Admin > Products tab > click the Visibility Icon for the product you wish to feature and check the box to make this a featured item. More details can be found on the step-by-step guide for setting up your website. 


Q- Can I completely edit and customize my website?

A - The Givebacks website builder allows for customization! If you would like to display custom content on your website, you may choose the "content" page or "custom page builder".

Content pages allow you to edit and add any text/content you would like. 

Custom page builder provides more elaborate page design tools. 


Q- Help! My Website is Not Live!

A - There are a few reasons this can happen. Check to make sure you have clicked the Make Live button on the top right of the Website Admin page. Check to make sure your Home Page is Live.  Your home page is designated by the page with the Path "/". 


Q- Help! My users see a 404 error when they try and visit my website.

A- This is most commonly because there is no page without a path. Please go to your website's page and click the 3 dots at the end of the line of the page you wish to be the page your users land on first.  Choose to adjust visibility. Then make sure there are no words in the path box.


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