How do I use the Custom Page Editor website template?

You can use the Custom Page Editor by going to Website Builder on the toolbar and selecting Manage Website. Click the Add Page button and select Custom Page Editor from the Layout dropdown. The Custom Page editor allows you to make a fully customized web page using a drag-and-drop editor. For full instructions on how to set up your public website, go here.

Follow these steps to use the Custom Page Editor:

1. Select Website Builder from the toolbar and click Manage Webpage.

2. Click the Add Page button. Give the page a name and path and select Custom Page Editor in the Layout dropdown box. Click Save

3. Click the 3 dots next to your page and select Edit Webpage.

4. Start by adding Blocks. 

Click on the blocks menu item on the right. Drag and drop blocks to create your page layout. You’ll add items like text and images into these blocks in the next step.



5. Next, add your Content pieces.

Click on the content menu item on the right. Drag and drop images, text, buttons, etc. Once you’ve placed them, click on them to add the actual text, upload an image, etc.


On the bottom left of the page, you’ll notice a small menu where you can undo, redo, preview, and switch between desktop and mobile views.


Once you’ve made the appropriate changes to your page, click the blue Save button on the top right.


Other good things to know!

  • You can edit your background and the sizing of your webpage.
    Click on Body to see available options.


  • Choose stock photos to add from our Library
    Click on images to view and search millions of royalty-free images.

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