How to share Product Fundraisers to your Facebook page

To share your Product Fundraisers to Facebook, follow these steps:

1. Click Subscribe to Product Fundraisers within the Fundraiser menu on the left side. 



2. Select the Facebook Icon next to “Let your supporters know about Product Fundraisers on Social Media! 


When you are on Facebook, be sure to select “Share on a Page You Manage” and select your PTA’s Facebook page.




Encourage your supporters to share your PTA’s Facebook post with their friends and family on their personal page. Your supporters can also share individual Product Fundraisers to their own Facebook page and help your organization spread the word.

Here’s how:

Supporters visit your e-store, select a Product Fundraisers, and then select the Facebook social share button for that Product Fundraisers.



Make sure your post is set to public, so more people can view it!


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