The Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) store allows administrators to create bundled products so users can get a discount when purchasing the bundled items at once.

Follow these steps to create a bundled Product: 

1. Within the Store Management menu on the left side, select Manage Bundles

2. Click Add Bundle on the top right.


Note: To create a bundle, you will use previously created Products.

3. Name the Bundled Product


4. Choose the products you want to bundle by click the 3 dots on that item's row and choose to Add to bundle.


5. Adjust the price for the bundled items. If you scroll back up you will see an option to edit the price of the items for the bundled items. This will not adjust the regular products price, but just the price of it when purchased with the other items in the bundle.

Please note: Membership prices can not be adjusted. But you can bundle a product with a membership and adjust the product's price to account for the difference. 

For Example: If you wish to give a standard membership (Reg: $10) for free with a t-shirt (Reg: $25), you can choose your standard membership item and t-shirt products in your bundle, and reduce the price of the t-shirt to be $15.00 to account for the free standard membership ($10.00 value). Please add your product and then your membership. 



What your shoppers will see: 

1.  When a shopper selects an item that is part of a bundle, they will see suggested bundles and discounted prices associated with the bundled purchase.



2. If all items in the bundle are added to the cart, then the price will be updated to reflect the discounted prices. 



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