Treasurer's Guide to Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) Reports


Three are TWO detailed reports available from your Store administration.


1.  Payout Reports are a great place to start for reconciling your books. Follow the steps in this article to download your Payout Report.


Sample Payout Report:


There are a few different types of transactions here for demonstration purposes:

Row 1 is a Membership purchased through the Givebacks store.  You see Price, Sub Total, Fees, and most importantly "Your Share".  This is the amount that is deposited in your PTA bank account.

Row 2 is a donation through Givebacks fundraisers.  Price is the donation amount selected in your online fundraiser.  Fees is the full amount of Credit Card Processing Fee's and Platform fees.  Depending on your Fundraiser pricing model, there are many ways Fees can be calculated. Your Share is again the most important number, because this is what your PTA keeps.

Row 3 is a Product Fundraisers offer Purchase.  Price is the amount paid by the shopper.  There are no fees for Product Fundraisers offers.  Most importantly, the Your Share column shows you the amount donated back to your PTA from that purchase. 


Other Notes on Payout Report

  • It is downloaded as a CSV so you can use your favorite spreadsheet tool.
  • Item Name and Category fields are included so you can sort and filter to itemize your payout reports.
  • Some tips to reconcile deposits to your bank account
    • Filter by category or Line item (whichever best matches your budget line items).  If you prefer not to use filters, you can sort by category/item.
    • Sum by selected category/item and document.
    • Repeat steps 1 & 2 until all categories/items in the payout report are accounted for.
    • You can then split your bank deposit into multiple line items to account to match your payout.

2.  Order Reports include all details on an order and can be downloaded by clicking on the Export to CSV link in the top left corner of your Orders page.

Columns in the Order Report Include:

  • Processor ID -This can be mapped to a transaction in Stripe
  • Cart ID - The ID of the full cart
  • CartItem ID - The ID of the individual Line Item
  • Status - Payment Status.  you will typically see Processed here to indicate the transaction was successful.  
  • Customer Email
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Phone Number
  • Item Name
  • Purchased At
  • Item Fulfilled - Membership items are automatically marked as fulfilled.  You can mark fulfillment status of other items.
  • Categories
  • Memo - This is only relevant for payments processed through the MH Pay app (swiper purchase)
  • Quantity
  • Item Price/Donation Amount 
  • Item Fees - In the case of Fundraisers, this is the total of all fees (stripe fees and platform fees or tips)
  • Waived
  • Fee Payer
  • Item Total
  • Your Share - This is what your Organization gets to keep!
  • Campaign - Product Fundraisers
  • Experience Type - Fundraiser Experience type
  • Redemption Code - Relevant for Product Fundraisers
  • Cash/Check Order 
  • Check Number
  • A column for each additional field added for items you sell in your store.

Other Notes on Order Report

  • It is downloaded as a CSV so you can use your favorite spreadsheet tool to view the data.
  • You can use filters in your view before you export the CSV, to make your report more relevant to what you want to see.  


Other important information:

  • Refunds

Refunds are not currently documented in your Order Report or Payout report.  Please keep separate records for refunds.

  • Credit Card Disputes.

If a purchaser disputes a transaction, we will flag that item as disputed.  You will be able to view the item in the Refunded view. 

Givebacks support will reach out to you to help resolve the Dispute.  It is often a misunderstanding when someone doesn't recognize a credit card purchase and can easily be resolved with a couple of emails.


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