How to Work with Newsletter Templates

Givebacks (Formerly MemberHub) has created several templates to help you get off to a great start creating Newsletters!


When creating/editing a message, you can begin editing the content by clicking the Add (or Change) button beside Template.




You can then select which template you would like to use from several existing Templates: 



If you change your mind after you get started and want to use a different template, you will have the option to Choose a different template.  NOTE:  Your content will not be saved to the new template selected, so make sure to Copy any information you want to save before Choosing a new template.


Once you have select your template, you're ready to customize your newsletter.  You can click in any box to edit the content.   For example in an image box, you would want to insert your own image; in a text box, you would type the text you want included.   Play around with the existing templates to see some of the options.


Other ways to customize your newsletters:

  • Add new sections by dragging a content block to the location you want it in your message.



  • Move existing sections around by dragging and dropping to new locations.  Hover over and Item and click the mceclip4.png image and drag to a new location.



  • To better organize new sections, you may want to create new content blocks to organize the structure of your message.  Drag and drop blocks to the location you want and then add content to the blocks.



  • You can even customize the body.  Customize the colors, fonts, alignment, etc.



  • Choose stock photos to add from our Library
    Click on images to view and search millions of royalty-free images.


  • Lastly, at the bottom, you will find undo, redo, preview, and Desktop view vs. Mobile view buttons to make sure your email will look great wherever people read it.mceclip8.png


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