When you run an A-thon fundraiser, you will have access to several specific reports. These reports, located under the Fundraiser* Management tab, include:

  • Enter Activity Results
  • View A-Thon Pledges

Access these reports by clicking the options in your management menu shown below.

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Enter Activity Results

The report generated when you click “Enter Activity Results” allows access to information about all the participant activity logged during your A-thon.  The information contained in this report includes:

  • Participant name
  • Activity participated in
  • Team they are on (if applicable)
  • Units of activity completed
  • Date activity entered

Many organizations use the information in this report to obtain a list of all activity results entered during the A-thon. This exported information can determine which participants completed the most activity and award prizes based on activity.

View A-Thon Pledges

The report generated when you click “View A-Thon Pledges” allows you to access information about all the A-thon pledges made to each member or team.   The information contained in this report includes:

  • Date of donation
  • Name of donor
  • Email of donor
  • Type: Either a “per-unit pledge” or “one-time donation”
  • Amount: Shows amounts of donations charged
  • Max Amount:  The maximum amount the donor was willing to pay if it’s a per-unit pledge
  • Per-Unit Amount: Shows the dollar amount of the per-unit pledge
  • Participant: Shows participant’s full name. Only shows if the experience has participants enabled.
  • Team: Shows team’s name. Only shows if the experience has Teams enabled.
  • Payment Status: Shows the status of the related payment

Many organizations use the information contained in this report to answer questions like “How much money did I raise through the A-Thon fundraising activity of my mix-and-match experience?”.  This report will also show split donations on separate report lines. (Ex. – when a single transaction includes a one-time donation to Member A and a per-unit pledge to Member B)

In addition to the reports shown above, organizations can view and export a list of donations and donor information under the View Donations tab.

*Note: Terminology on these buttons may differ according to the terminology you’ve chosen for your experience.

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