Manage Blocked Email addresses

To prevent sending invalid emails, Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) will block emails that are returned as bounced or invalid. 

A user can have 3 emails bounced before their email becomes blocked and will not receive any additional email sends from Givebacks. If an email comes back as couldn’t be delivered for permanent reasons (doesn’t exist) it will immediately be blocked. Organization admins will have the ability to manage blocked emails and unblock them if they choose. 


Organization Admins can filter the contacts list to view blocked emails: 

  • In Contacts, Choose Filters, then select the checkbox for Email Status and choose Bounced


  • Click Apply to view the blocked Contacts

View the contact information to view the Blocked Reason and manage. 



If you are confident that the email address is valid, click Unblock to unblock the email address.

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