Occasionally, organization admins need to update another user’s profile information. You now have the ability to suggest a profile edit on a user’s name, address, or phone number. This will send an email to the user and allow them to accept or reject the edits. They will not need to log in to do so. In this way, profiles can be easily updated all while keeping the user's account secure.


1.  View a contact's profile and click Edit.



2.  Custom properties can be edited by any org admin, but Basic Info and Mailing Address will allow you to suggest changes.  mceclip2.png


3.  Enter your suggested changes in the fields and Click the "Suggest Changes" button. 

Until your contact accepts the changes, the data in the system will continue to display the original information.


4. Your contact will receive an email with the suggested changes:



5.  The contact can view the suggestions and choose to Accept or Reject the suggested changes.


6.  If your contact chooses to Accept the changes, the profile is updated with the new values.  

If your contact Rejects the Changes, the profile remains unchanged.

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