State Leaders: Approve and Reject submissions

State leaders can approve and reject compliance submissions from Units.

Manage Compliance Submissions:

Within Compliance Manager>View Submissions, you can now filter Compliance submissions by Status, Year, Area (Submission category), and Units.

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By Default, the list will be filtered to Submissions with Status Awaiting Review.  

  • Awaiting Review: Upon completing a submission, the status of Compliance form will display as awaiting review.  Your state PTA can then review and approve according to your procedures.
  • Approve/Reject: There are a few ways to mark a submission as approved or Rejected. 
    • When Viewing the form, click the Approve button

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    • In the List View, you can click Approve or use the check box to select multiple submissions to approve or reject.


    • If you mark a submission as rejected, you will be prompted to enter a reason for the rejection.


  • Notifications:  The person who submitted the request will receive an email notification when their submission is approved or rejected.  The status is also updated in their Unit site to reflect the current status. 


** After a submission is rejected, a unit must first archive their original submission before they can submit again. 

**If submission needs to be updated before it is approved, the unit may archive the submission and the resubmit with the necessary updates. 

**Compliance submissions can not be resubmitted or archived if in status of Approved.  They must be rejected and then archived in order to resubmit.



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