How to Start and End a Livestream

When you Livestream, you’ll be able to connect directly with your supporters and create opportunities for them to connect with one another.

What do I need to know before getting started?

  • Hosts and presenters must join the stage on a desktop or laptop. The stage is not accessible on a mobile or tablet device.
  • We encourage all hosts, presenters, and attendees to access and view the event using Chrome.
  • Internet Explorer does not support Livestreaming, and some users are unable to hear or be heard when using Safari. 

How do I start my Livestream?

There are four steps to starting a Livestream.

  1. Start Stream Mode
  2. Enter Greenroom
  3. Go Live

Read more about each step below. 

1. Start Stream Mode start_stream_1.png

When you click the Start Stream mode button, the appearance of your fundraising page will change from standard mode to Livestream mode. Starting stream mode 30-60 minutes before your event and leaving a welcome message for your audience lets audience members know they are at the right place. The audience will not be able to see or hear you.

How to Notify your Virtual Audience Before Starting a Livestream

2.  Enter Greenroom


When you click the Enter Greenroom button, you’ll be able to check your audio and video settings before going on stage. The individual who starts the Livestream will show as ‘onstage,’ but audience members will not hear or see them until step 3 has been completed. This person can also hear and interact with the other backstage presenters. 

3. Go Live


Clicking the Go Live button starts the public event. After a 15 second delay, your audience members will see and hear whoever is onstage

How do I end my Livestream?

1. End Session

The End Session button will end the Livestream event on your Experience Page but will not remove the Livestream window.start_stream_4.png

When you click End Session, you will see this popup. start_stream_5.png

You can choose one of three options for how your page will look when your Livestream has ended.

Display custom text

Choosing Display Custom Text will allow you to leave a message for your donors.

Select On-demand Replay

Choosing Select On-Demand Replay will make a replay of your event available on your fundraising page.

Remove the Livestream window

If you would like to return your Experience Page to its original look without the Livestream window, select End stream mode.


2. Leave Greenroom

The Leave Greenroom button removes you from the event. You will no longer be onstage or backstage. If a presenter accidentally clicks the Leave Greenroom button, they can click the Enter Greenroom button from the Livestream Studio to rejoin the event.

If you’d like to remove everyone from the stage, click the Move button and then click Move all offstage.start_stream_7.png

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