How to do a Fund-a-Need or Paddle Raise During Your Virtual Event

Paddle raises, and fund-a-need keep donors engaged, help participants understand the direct impact they can make, and boost giving.

What is a fund-a-need?

Funding-a-need calls out the exact donation size the organization is looking for and lets donors know the impact this amount will have. For example, you might choose to ask for “$50, to provide one child with a backpack and school supplies for an entire school year,” or “$500, to provide one family with a sustainable well that will ensure their continued access to clean drinking water.”

What is a paddle raise?

Like fund-a-needs, paddle raises allow donors to give a specific amount of money. Instead of remaining at one level, though, paddle raises provide audience members the chance to donate at several different levels.

How do I run a fund-a-need or paddle raise?

Both fund-a-need and paddle raises are driven by adjusting the donate amount featured on the Donate Now button. Follow the steps below to set a featured amount.

  1. Navigate to the Stream Manager page.
  2. Scroll down to Settings.
  3. Click Customize donation button.
  4. Enter the donation amount.
  5. Click SAVE.


Once you set the featured amount and click Save, the amount will automatically appear on the ‘Donate’ button. 


Good to Know

  • When the donor clicks on the “Donate” button, it will pre-fill the featured donation amount. Donors are always free to change this default amount when going through the checkout process.
  • All donations made will appear to the right of the screen under Recent Activity Feed and will be visible in Livestream Studio and on the fundraiser page.
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