How to Spotlight an Item During your Livestream Event

Spotlighting an item during your livestream allows you to share details and highlights of a particular item with your audience members for a short time. 

Why would I want to spotlight an item on my livestream?

Spotlighting an item during your livestream allows you to draw attendees’ attention to it and pique their interest. Just like the hosts of QVC share details and discuss the benefits of owning their products, you can share more information and encourage attendees to purchase or bid on yours.

You might want to spotlight an item when:

  • An item is competitive, and you want to make it even more competitive
  • Bids are low on a particular item, and you want to increase interest
  • You want to boost your raffle ticket sales by showing specific details about the prize
  • You want to show off items available during your sale

How do I spotlight an item during my livestream event?

Follow the steps below to learn how to spotlight an item during your livestream event.

  1. From the Livestream Studio, scroll down to Settings.
  2. Click Spotlight item


3. Click on Select Item. Choose the item you are going to feature



Good to Know

  • Once you spotlight an item, you will see a notification to the right of your livestream, under Activity Feed. This notification confirms that the item has been featured for your virtual audience.
  • You can spotlight any item from any of your Fundraising Activities. This includes spotlighting things that aren’t technically “items” like raffle and sweepstakes entry.
  • You can track the amount sold of a spotlighted item in the Livestream Studio. The information about how many have been sold or are available (if it’s a limited quantity item) will update in real-time, as shown in the image below.


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