How to Add information collected in the store into your contacts database

Shoppers in your Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) Store and Donors via Givebacks fundraisers are automatically added to your Giverbacks contacts list.  

Shoppers in the store will be added to your site with the Role of Customer and Givebacks fundraisers will be added with the role of Donor.

Additionally, you can collect information from your Givebacks store shoppers when they purchase membership items or other products.  Simply create Custom Fields to collect any information you need.  Then choose "add property contacts" option your custom field on your product.

See Adding Custom Fields for Products or Memberships to set up your store.



***Good to know***

- If you do not want to send messages to contacts who are only customers or donors, use the Roles filter when sending messages and select all roles other then Customer and Donor.

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