How can I set up my directory to filter by Class or Grade Level

Many organizations want to allow regular users to sort the directory to see who is a classroom (or any other types of groupings).


Follow the steps below to setup your Hub filtering in your directory.

1. Set up Hubs. 

Hubs are a great way to group contacts together.  First you will need to Create and Set Up Hubs.  To allow the Hub to be filtered in the directory, be sure to select "Allow this hub to be filtered in this Directory" in your Hub settings.

2. Add Contacts to your Hubs

There are multiple ways to add contacts to your Hubs.  See Add People/contacts To Your Hubs for more information.

3. Check your directory settings to see who can view your Directory.

You can setup up your directory to be visible to only Org Admins, All Contacts in your Site, or only current year PTA Members.  Directory Settings

4. View your directory

Your directory can be filtered by PTA Member status or Hubs and you can also choose to view the directory listed by Individuals or in Family Groups.  NOTE: Hub filtering is only available in Individual View.

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