How to cancel and refund a credit card transaction from a Givebacks Fundraiser

Cancel and refund any credit card transaction including donations, payments, and purchases.

If a donor needs to cancel a payment for any reason, Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) Fundriasers lets you easily refund their money.

Before You Begin:
  • These instructions only apply to Stripe credit card transactions for Fundraisers and not to charges processed outside the Givebacks site (such as cash donations or paper ticket purchases that are manually entered into the experience records) or purchases processed on your store.
  • Some of the terminology listed in the instructions below might differ based on your Experience settings (e.g., View Donations might instead be View Transactions or View Payments).
  • Givebacks doesn’t charge refund fees, but the processing fees will be refunded to the donor from your organization’s account. 

Here's how to cancel and refund a transaction:

  1. Login at 
  2. Go to my experiences in the left menu.

  3. If you have chosen a list view, click on the experience title. If you have chosen a grid view, click on the experience image.

  4. Select View Donations.

  5. Find the donation you want to cancel, and hover over it. A three-dot icon will appear on the right.

  6. Click on the three-dot icon and select Cancel Donationrefund_1.pngThis trigger will appear.refund_2.png

  7.  Enter the cancellation reason (whatever you enter in this space will be included in the notification email the donor receives).

  8.  Click CANCEL DONATION to confirm.

Good to know:

  •  When you issue a refund, the donor will receive the full amount. Givebacks can’t issue partial refunds at this time.
  • If you refund someone’s raffle or sweepstakes ticket purchase, the ticket number will become void and we’ll withdraw their entry.
  • Donors will automatically receive a confirmation email when the cancellation is confirmed
  • Your Experience page will update the amount raised roughly 15 minutes after the cancellation.
  • The donor will receive the refund to their bank or credit card account roughly 5-10 business days after the cancellation.
  • If you cancel a transaction in submitted or pending status (e.g., per-unit pledges on an a-thon fundraiser), the donor won’t be charged when your Experience ends. No refund will be issued in these cases because the donor’s card wasn’t charged yet.


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