How can I send a communication to only certain recipients?

Newsletters, Messages, and Events allow you to select recipients using options found under the recipients box. You can send your communication to everyone or to a certain list of people, such as just paid members. You can send this communication to only your members by choosing the role option under recipients and then Member from the drop-down list. Similarly, you can use the hubs or filters option to communicate to people in a specific hub or to a group based on a filter you have saved on your contacts page.

Find more detailed steps for the recipient list you are trying to message with the links below.

Communicate with everyone in your site 

Open a new newsletter, message, or event. Under recipients, click Send to Everyone to send to all contacts that exist in your site. This will exclude people who only have the roles of customer or donor. If you wish to send a newsletter to customers and donors, you will need to select those roles. 

Sending to # of recipients will reflect the number of people who will receive the message. This number excludes blocked emails and unsubscribed emails. You can preview the list of recipients by clicking on Sending to # recipients.

Communicate with Paid Members

Open a new newsletter, message, or event. Under recipients, click Roles and choose Members from the list. This communication will go to all your members who are listed under Members > Manage Members and have a valid email address.

Communicate with a Hub 

Within Givebacks, hubs are a subset list of contacts divided commonly by grade, classroom, or activity. Hubs provide an easy way to see this list of contacts at a glance and to easily communicate with them. You can learn more about creating hubs at this link: How do I create and set up hubs?

To send a newsletter, message, or event notification to a hub, under recipients click hubs and choose the hub name you wish to message from the list.

Communicate using a saved filter

A filter is a group of contacts that you have filtered to only include certain people, roles, hubs, or contact types. You can create a filter by going to Contacts > Manage Contacts > click the Filter button and select the criteria > Save

To communicate with those in a saved filter, open a new newsletter, message, or event. Under recipients choose saved filters and pick the filter from the list.


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