When you register your organization through Givebacks (formerly MemberHub), you’ll have the option to create donation pages at no charge. Donation pages are simple and effective solutions for collecting one-time or recurring donations. They provide a seamless, one-page donation experience for the donor. You can create an unlimited number of donation pages to correspond with various fundraising goals for your organization. Because donation pages have no end date, they can remain in use for as long as you’d like. 


Here are some ways you can use a donation page

  • Link to the page from your website’s donate button.
  • Link to the page from your marketing or promotional materials.
  • When using your Givebacks Supporter Center, give the option to donate directly to the organization through the donation page rather than contributing through an existing fundraising experience. This is useful for prospective donors who may not wish to participate in a separate fundraiser, such as a raffle or auction.
  • Create separate donation pages for various promotions to track the success of each

Good to Know

  • You can export donor information from each donation page for your records.
  • Givebacks charges a 3.5% platform fee for any donations made through your donation page in addition to credit card processing fees.



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