Under your Store Management > Review Orders



On your orders page you have access to:

1. A quick view of orders over time. 

50 orders are displayed per page.  Navigation buttons are available at the bottom of the page.


2.  Click Export CSV to export a file with all orders that match your filter. 

By default the order page is filtered for Purchased orders.  We refer to this as the Order Export in other support articles.


3.  Payouts Button

This will open a list view of all Stripe Payouts over time.  Your Organization will receive Stripe payouts once a week on Fridays.  See Details about payout reports here.  How to download a report of Stripe payouts for reconciliation


4. Actions

We offer one bulk action on the orders page at this time.  You can mark orders fulfilled. 

To Bulk mark fulfilled, select the orders using the checkbox on the left side and then click Actions -> Mark Fulfilled.  This will mark all line items in the selected orders as fulfilled.


5. Filters

There are several filter options to allow you to filter your orders as needed.  Be sure to click Apply to filter your order list.  You can also use Clear to return to the full list or orders.  

Note:  Orders with the status of Open are orders that shoppers created a cart online, but did not complete checkout.  These can typically be ignored. 




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