Best Practices for Using the Givebacks POS app (formerly MemberHub Pay) for In-Person Events

To prepare yourself for a successful in person sales event, you should familiarize yourself with the Givebacks POS app.  We have some suggestions below to help you prepare.

  • Read this article with everything you need to know about how to use the Givebacks POS App.
  • Allow ample time before your event to pair your readers.  You’ll need a 1:1 reader to Apple device ratio.  NOTE: Occasionally, there will be firmware updates that may take a few minutes to install upon pairing. 
  • Process a test transaction, to become familiar with the App.  If you’re planning to buy something for yourself anyway, then just make your transaction the first one you try.
  • Hide any products you aren’t selling at your event.  This will make navigating the product list much faster.  You can adjust the visibility in you dashboard; got to Online Store -> Products
  • Consider selling items that don’t require input of additional information, as inputting information will slow down the checkout process.  
  • Be aware that Membership items require name and email address or phone number to purchase.  You may also choose to post a QR code to allow shoppers to purchase their membership items from their own devices.  See this article for details to create your own QR code.
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