July 22, 2021 Release Notes


Our messages feature just got easier to use and you can now easily send attachments! 

Also, the recipient area of Newsletters and Events has been simplified. Start typing a recipient, hub, or role in the box to quickly build your recipient list. 


We released a brand new Dashboard that allows you to easily see your organization's recent activity - messages, files, newsletters, orders, and more!


  • Unique phone numbers are no longer a requirement when adding an officer or purchasing/adding a membership.
  • Officers will not be sorted in the order defined by the state.
  • Organization admins have the option to set Site Joins to auto-approve. No emails will be received and anyone that requests to join will be allowed to do so. 
  • Hub join settings from the legacy system have been migrated over. 
  • Membership purchases now show the school year on the order detail page in your Store Admin.
  • We fixed a bug on saved filters in messages. 
  • We added back the ability to archive compliance submissions for the current year. 

For State Leaders

Easily see a unit’s dues payments from their Unit page in Compliance Manager. 

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