October 12, 2021 Release Notes

This release is focused on the MemberHub Store.  Below is a list of the changes:

  • You can now manage and display a link to your fundraiser in your live store: How to feature fundraisers in your MemberHub store
  • The “View Store” link now opens in a new tab.  This will allow easier navigation between the store and the dashboard.
  • Inventory management is now grouped with like items to make it easier to manage your inventory.
  • You can now sort all items you have in your store (Previous limit for sort was 40 items)
  • We now display all details selected for an item in the Cart and in the receipt.
  • Updated calculations for Gross Metrics to include all items in purchases.
  • Fixed navigation Prev and Next buttons while scrolling through order details pages.
  • You can now create additional custom field types in your store products to better align with Contact Properties.  See Adding Custom Fields for Products or Memberships for details about how to write data from store purchases to your contacts’ profiles.
  • Other small fixes.


A few other recently released changes:

  • Admins can now delete newsletters and messages
  • Hide unsent and archived newsletters from Dashboard view
  • Added Organization Name to receipts
  • Admins can now search for blocked or unblocked emails in Contacts Management: Manage Blocked Email addresses
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