In order to allow you to directly link your in-person purchases to your MemberHub store items and memberships, we have released a significant upgrade to the MemberHub Pay iOS "swiper" app.


With MemberHub Pay 2.0 you can:

  • Sell PTA Memberships.  All data will be written to your membership records.  No extra steps needed.  
  • Sell items with Inventory Tracking - If an item is out of stock you will not be able to purchase it.  Inventory will be automatically updated based on your sales.
  • Easily keep track of items you have sold.  Order details are saved in your MemberHub store orders and you can view order details like any online order.  

Order you card reader and download the MemberHub Pay app to get started.  

Want more ideas of how to use MemberHub Pay 2.0?  Check out our blog post.


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