Keep nearly 100% of the funds you raise using Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) Free Pricing option.

Givebacks Free Pricing option is our simplest and most popular pricing plan. Your organization gets full access to all site features without paying a platform or subscription fee. Instead, your donors can opt to leave a tip to help cover fundraising costs.

Donor Tipping 

The Free Pricing option gives donors the opportunity to leave a tip during the checkout process:

The money from the tip goes to Givebacks to operate our fundraising platform and continually add new features. Leaving a tip is fully optional. If no donor leaves a tip, we still won’t charge you a platform fee.

Bonus Entries

Donor tipping works a bit differently for raffles and sweepstakes versus other experience styles:

  • Non-drawing experiences – For a-thons, events, sales, and crowdfunding experiences, donors will have the option to leave a tip but won’t receive anything in exchange.
  • Raffles and sweepstakes – If donors choose to leave a tip, they’ll receive bonus entries in exchange:

Payment Processing Fee

Givebacks lets your organization process payments through Stripe, which charges a small fee per transaction. 

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