Insights: Best Practices for Livestream Presenters

Learn tips for planning a livestream that looks effortless and encourages viewers to donate.

Being a livestream presenter can be both fun and challenging. The following tips can help you prepare so your livestream flows as smoothly as possible.

Before Your Livestream Begins

  1. Have a plan. Create a program for your livestream so all presenters know what to do, and when.
  2. Practice. If possible, run through your program with all presenters to work out any possible issues. If you can do it more than once, you’ll be even better prepared for an amazing event.
  3. Consider aesthetics. Experiment with lighting and background settings until you figure out what works best for you. We recommend using one bright lighting source and a minimalist background, so viewers will see you clearly and won’t be distracted.
  4. Make yourself heard. Use good audio equipment so your viewers can hear you clearly. We recommend a headset with an attached microphone.
  5. Prep in advance. Queue up any planned presentations or activities ahead of time so that they’re ready for you as soon as you need them.
  6. Silence your devices. Put any phones and tablets near you on silent and mute the notifications on your computer, so unexpected noise doesn’t disrupt your flow.
  7. Use a checklist. Go through your presenter checklist and make sure you have everything you need before you begin.

Insights: Livestream Presenter Checklist

During Your Livestream

  1. Use visuals. Incorporate images, presentations, or pre-recorded content into your livestream program to attract your audience and keep their attention.
  2. Add activities. Engage your viewers with surveys and trivia games or use the customizable donation button to host virtual fund-a-needs and paddle raises. Insights: Livestream Activities
  3. Talk to your viewers. Turn on the chat feature so you and your audience can ask each other questions and receive answers or comments in real time.
  4. Mute yourself while backstage. Even though the audience can’t see or hear you, any presenters onstage can still hear you. The audience might also hear you if any onstage presenters are using external speakers instead of headsets.

Good to Know

  • You can queue up to 100 presenters backstage and display up to 25 presenters onstage at any time, but we recommend keeping your presenter list as small as possible to avoid confusion.

How-to: Add Livestream Presenters

  • Before your livestream begins, you can use the backstage for last-minute logistics discussions.


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