Release Notes: July 7, 2022


Our latest MemberHub release includes TWO exciting features. 

1. Improved Site Navigation

2. Integrated Givebacks signups into the MemberHub store


1. Improved Site Navigation

We are pleased to announce that we have improved our site navigation. Based on our users' feedback, we have added sub-menus and removed each module's dashboard. You can now navigate exactly where you want to go with fewer clicks. 



  • We have renamed the Modules section to YOUR TOOLS.
  • Each tool now has an expandable menu to make navigating easier. Click the Section Title to expand the menu.
  • Notice that we have moved Hubs Management out of Communications.  You'll find "Manage Hubs and Hub Contacts" in the Contacts tools list now.

  • Each Fundraiser Type now has a landing page with some helpful tips about how to get started.  Go directly to Manage Existing Fundraisers to view Your Full List of campaigns.

2. Integrated Givebacks signups into the MemberHub store

With MemberHub's recent release of the Givebacks program, we want to help you to turn your Members into your "Backers".  

We have two new settings you can enable to help your shoppers sign up with Givebacks.  Visit your Store Settings page to get started and you can:

  • Include a banner to support your cause on Givebacks in your email receipts
  • Add Join givebacks option in checkout

For More information, check out this article: How to promote Givebacks signups in your MemberHub store





Other updates from recent releases:

  • Changes to Add Officer form:  We now default to add new officers as and Organization Admin when you add them as officers.  You can change the selection if you do not want a specific officer to be an admin in your site. 
  • Customer contacts will now be created with the name entered at checkout, helping to avoid contacts in your contact list with no names.
  • You can now select contact types other that “Contact” when creating contacts.  This allows you to create Students with no email address or and Org Admin without first having to add them as a contact. 
  • Email Messages:  We increased standard font sizes and reduced the border to allow a better view on mobile devices.
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