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Get answers to your questions specific to school district sites.

General User Guide

Information on managing your personal account and log in with Givebacks for Nonprofits.

Online Store

Everything you need to know about managing your online store with Givebacks including how to add products, use Givebacks point-of-sale and Stripe, and change your store settings.

Fundraising - General Information

Fundraisers 2024

Answers to questions specific to Givebacks' new integrated A-thons and Crowdfunding fundraisers. Learn how to set up your next fundraiser and make it a success.

Fundraisers 2023

Answers to questions you have about fundraisers, from a-thons and crowdfunding to auctions and events. These fundraisers are hosted on Givebacks' .gives platform.

Donation Pages

Shop to Give

Details on how you can support your nonprofit cause by shopping at thousands of merchants.

Managing Your Cause with Shop to Give

Help articles on the Cause Admin Portal of the Shop to Give program.


This is the hub where you can find information on using Givebacks to send newsletters and messages, create hubs, and upload files and photos.

Communication FAQs


Questions about managing your contacts and their properties in Givebacks? You're in the right place. Plus, answers to frequently asked questions about contacts and how to manage join requests.

Directory and Calendar

Need to know more about the directory and calendar in Givebacks? Find the information you're looking for in these helpful articles.

Website Builder

Setting up your website in Givebacks and want some guidance? Check out these helpful resources and you'll be on your way to building an amazing website!


Looking for more information on managing your memberships in Givebacks? Everything you need to know about setting up memberships in your store and importing members to remitting state dues is right here!


If you have questions about compliance, you've come to the right place! Check out these helpful articles to help your organization stay compliant.

Release Notes

Want to keep up with the latest improvements and enhancements to Givebacks? Read our comprehensive release notes to find out what we're working on to make sure your Givebacks experience is unbeatable.

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