Why can't I use the same email address for two people?

In Givebacks, like most other online apps, an email address can only be associated with one person/profile because it is the unique identifier for that person.

Students are not required to have an email address.

If you need to enter nonstudent members and do not have a second email address, one member can be entered using just a phone number, however, please note that this will mean that this person will not have the ability to log in to Givebacks under their own profile. 

If you do not have a phone number for the second person, you can enter them using a made-up number or "dummy" information. 


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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  • This is problematic for our school. We have family packs and we encourage families to join grandparents etc as community members and to show support for PTA. They do not all have email addresses. Since we have had people join this way already, I am not sure how to get them entered into MH, as we don't always have email addresses.

  • Hi Beth. NCPTA is requiring either an email address or phone number for each member so this is not something we can override. However, you can enter an email address or a phone number so you can split those two contact pieces between two people. Student members do not require email addresses. For others you mention, you can contact NCPTA for a recommendation on how to handle not having contact information for them.


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