Tip Model Pricing is our most popular and recommended pricing option because you don’t pay a platform fee -- ever. Donors are given the opportunity to leave a tip to help Givebacks cover platform costs. But even if no one leaves a tip, you still won’t be charged a platform fee. Tip Model Pricing offers all the same fundraising features as Percent Pricing.

So, why might your organization consider choosing Percent Pricing?

This is a question we encounter often, and there are a couple of good answers. Percent pricing tends to work better for organizations in the following scenarios.

You Don’t Want to Ask Your Donors to Tip

With Tip Model Pricing, donors are asked if they want to leave an optional tip during checkout:

Donors can easily decline to tip. However, some organizers prefer not to ask donors for tips at all. With Percent Pricing, donors are never asked to leave a tip.

A Corporate Sponsor is Covering Fundraising Costs

In some cases, fundraiser organizers partner with a corporate sponsor who agrees to cover the fundraising costs. Typically, sponsors cover platform fees, so 100% of the fundraiser’s donations can go directly to the recipient organization.

Percent Pricing applies a 7.5% platform fee to each donation, making it easier for corporate sponsors to estimate the amount they’ll pay to sponsor the fundraiser.

Good to Know

  • Tip Model Pricing raffles and sweepstakes offer donors bonus entries in exchange for leaving a tip, while Percent Pricing raffles and sweepstakes don’t. 
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