Will Givebacks notify the winner(s)?

Learn about the options available to notify winners on raffles and sweepstakes.

When you run a raffle or sweepstakes through Givebacks, you can select your preference for winner notification. As you customize your fundraiser, you’ll be given the option to:

  • Automatically notify the winners by email on a specified date and time
  • Manually notify winners in your own way, without using Givebacks


Which option should I choose?

When you have enabled Givebacks to select your winners, automatic notification is recommended. Automatic notification is hassle-free and is the default setting for raffles and sweepstakes.

Manual notification is recommended when you have special plans for notifying your winner(s) that do not involve email.

How Do I Customize the Email?

If you’ve chosen to have the system send winner notifications, you will be able to customize the message content. You will enter your message in the box, using merge tags to pull in specific information.


Good to Know:

If winner notifications have not yet been sent, the date, time, and content can be edited, and the choice to send or not send can be modified.


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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