Branding your account: What you need to know

Branding Your Account: What You Need to Know

Branding matters. That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to replace Givebacks (formerly MemberHub) default branding with your own.  This article will share the steps you’ll need to follow to brand your:

  • Fundraiser Links
  • Header
  • Favicon
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Emails

You can access branding settings by clicking Branding in the left menu. Branding will apply to your fundraiser pages.

There are two ways to brand your organization’s fundraiser link.

When you choose simple link branding, your organization’s name will replace the ‘go’ in ‘’ so that it will read ‘’

Givebacks will still appear in the link. This option is cost-free.

When you choose advanced link branding, you can use a domain that you’ve purchased elsewhere, like,’ instead of Givebacks domain. Using your own domain will remove ‘Givebacks’ from your fundraiser links. Advanced link branding costs a one-time charge of $99. Set up a Custom Domain for Your Givebacks Fundraising Account

Branding your Header

Your header includes a logo, sign-in icon, and ‘contact organizer’ button. When you click Create a custom header for your experience page, you’ll be able to customize your header’s:

  • Color
  • Height
  • Icon color
  • Logo


  • When selecting colors, make sure that your icon color stands out from the background header and that your logo appears well coordinated.  The image below shows a header on which icon colors do not stand out and one on which they do.

Branding your Favicon

A Favicon is an image associated with a particular website that appears next to the page title on a tabs bar. Favicons allow users with multiple tabs open to identify the page they are looking for quickly.

Because of their tiny size, favicon images are most effective when they are simple.

The recommended image size is 260x260px.

Branding your Colors

Most colors on each fundraising page are customizable. You can use your organization’s style guide to obtain your desired hex value.  If you do not have a hex value, you can select a color that appears to match your organization’s existing branding.

The images below show where corresponding color choices appear on your fundraising page. The colors in these images are exaggerated for ease of identification.


  • Primary Text is displayed on top of Primary Brand-colored elements, so make sure your Primary Text color stands out over the Primary Brand color.
  • Secondary Button Text is displayed on top of elements that are Secondary Button colored, so make sure your Secondary Button Text stands out over the Secondary Button color.
  • Primary Buttons and Secondary Buttons are displayed over the Secondary Brand color, so make sure your Primary Button and Secondary Button colors stand out over the Secondary Brand color.
  • Primary Brand and Secondary Brand colors appear in close proximity at times, so make sure they are complimentary colors.

You can change even more colors, like page backgrounds and card colors, using Options. The advanced style guide here will show where the options apply.

Click PREVIEW A EXPERIENCE to see what your choices look like on the page.

Customize your Font

The full font library is available under Options in the screenshot above.

Branding your Emails

Add your organization’s logo and colors to your receipts and fundraiser correspondence.


Here is what a customized email might look like:

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