Credit Card Processing: What you need to know

Learn everything you need to know about using Stripe, the designated credit card processor for Givebacks (formerly MemberHub).


What is Stripe?

Stripe is the credit card processor through which all of the credit card transactions on Givebacks are conducted. Stripe is a trusted PCI Level 1 processor that transacts billions of dollars every year for some of the world’s largest companies. 

Is Givebacks secure?


How much do they charge?

There is a fee for the processing of payments. Find information about Credit Card processing fees via the links below. 

How do the Credit Card Processing fees work for the store?

Can I have donors pay the Credit Card Processing and Platform fees?

Free Pricing vs. Percent Pricing: What’s the difference?


Within Givebacks Store and Givebacks Fundraisers, you must use a special Stripe account. This is because this is the one set up to be linked to your Givebacks accounts and is built into our platform. We recommend using a unique email address from any other Stripe accounts you might have for this. Ideally, this would be your generic PTA email address to aid in transitioning the Stripe account from year to year.


Are there any limitations with Stripe?

Stripe has its own terms of service. When applying for an account, Stripe will review your information to ensure that your organization is approved according to its terms of service. Stripe also audits the transactions running through your account. Stripe is also required by law to collect the SSN of one officer and EIN for your organization.

Why does Stripe need my Social Security Number and EIN?


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