How do I receive my Shop to Give donations as a Shop to Give Cause?

Ready to get your donations paid out so you can put them to work for your organization? From your cause admin, just visit the payouts tab and click transfer funds.

Please note: If you currently have a Givebacks store, you will automatically get your payouts weekly in your existing Givebacks stripe account. You can learn more here: How do we get our Shop to Give Payouts as a Givebacks Organization?

If your nonprofit does not currently have a Givebacks store, please read on.


Three simple steps and those funds will be on their way to your bank!

1. Begin by logging in to your cause on

Choose Log in with Givebacks if you are a Givebacks organization or choose to enter your email and password if you are a cause only on Shop to Give. More details on logging in can be found here: How do I login?


2. Navigate to the Payouts tab on the left menu > click the blue Transfer Funds button.


3. Click the Entire Balance or enter a specific amount and click Transfer Funds.

The funds will appear in the bank account tied to your Stripe account within 3-5 business days.



It's that simple! The funds are on their way.

Good to Know:

During the setup of your cause on Shop to Give, you should have set up a Stripe account. If you have not, please do so by following these steps here: How to Setup Stripe For Shop to Give.  If you have not set up a Stripe account yet, you will not see the blue transfer funds button on the payouts page.


Questions? Contact us at Support.

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