How can I promote my cause, to get more backers?

Are you ready to shout Shop to Give from the rooftop?.... and let your backers know?

Shop to Give has an entire promotion center dedicated to helping you achieve this! Visit your promotion center on the left menu to find a ton of resources you can use and customize for your cause, including social media graphics, flyers, presentations for your board, and more! There are also several handy links to use to share your cause.


How to promote your cause:

To start, visit the promotion center from your dashboard by clicking on Promotion Center on the left menu, or the bigger, Promote Your Cause button on the right of the dashboard.




On the Promotion Center:

Promotional Links:


Your Cause Page:

This is a link you can share with potential and current backers, to take them directly to your cause page. Your cause page is where they can learn about your cause, read a description, see photos and view things like the amount raised, etc. 

Invite to Join

With this link, your backers are directed to a page that lets them sign up to back your cause directly, instead of them searching through other causes to pick your organization. Once they visit this link, at the top of the page they will see an image similar to this, and only need to click Select this Cause to become your backer. 


One the right of the Promotional Links section you will see a series of blue buttons next to each link:


Each button will provide an easy way to promote either the Cause Page or the Invite to Join link.

link.png - This button allows you to easily copy the link so you can paste it someplace else later on.

email_button.png - Opens your email client, such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo so you can easily start to compose an email to your backers about Shop to Give!

twitter.png - Opens your Twitter account, so you can send a tweet with the link to your organization's followers.

facebook.png- Opens your Facebook page to make it simple to create a post about backing your cause.

linkedin.png - Opens your Linkedin so you can share the link in a post to your followers.

QR.png- Generates a QR code for your link, so your potential or current backers can scan the code to be brought to the correct page.


Resource Library

On the right you will see the Resource Library, filled with links for promotional materials you can use to promote your cause.


More questions? Contact us at Shop to Give Support.

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