How do I create District Compliance Forms?

In order to create new compliance forms as a district/school admin, please go to your compliance manager on the left > manage compliance forms page. From there you will see a blue "create new form" button on the upper right to start creating your new form. Fill in all the options and click save then publish at the bottom.

How to create District Compliance Forms

1. Sign In to your Givebacks Site at your site's link or


2. Click on the Compliance Manager On the left > Manage Compliance Forms.


3. Click on the blue Create New Form button on the upper right. 


4. Fill in the options to create your form.

  • Name your form
  • Choose the form type
    • Form with a Due Date - Perfect for things such as audits, that require submissions periodically at on the same date.
    • No Due Date - Best for things like fundraiser submissions, that can be submitted multiple times, on an as-needed basis. 


5. In the Fields Section click the Add Field button. Fields allow you to collect any specific information you need on the form.  

  • Enter your fields Label
    • The label is the "question" you want to ask your form submitter to gather the necessary information.
    • An example on a fundraiser form might be: What is the date of your event? 
    • An example of an audit form might be: What is your total gross income for X year?
  • Choose the type of input for your Label.
    • Alert - Creates a banner at the top of the form, to display the information in the "Label". This is handy for things like important reminders.
    • Checkbox - Best used for allowing the form submitter to choose an option, or agree to something.
    • Currency - Only allows a numerical value to be entered - such as a budget amount.
    • Date - Provides a calendar setup for the form submitter to choose a date.
    • Textfield - Allows the submitter to enter free-form text as their answer.
    • File - Gives the submitter the ability to upload an attachment to the form.
    • Instructions Text - Becomes a place with just the text you entered in the Label box, and no option for the submitter to fill anything in.
    • Terms and Conditions - Links your District's Terms and Conditions to the form, with a checkbox to ask the submitter to agree to them.


6. Enter your approval steps. Click on the Add Steps button. Here you can choose any of your pre-assigned "signers" as someone who needs to sign or approve the form. 

Need to add or create signers? Follow these steps: How to Create Signer Types and add Signer Roles


7. Click Save at the bottom. If you are ready for your form to be available to submitters to fill out, click Publish. You are all set! Your form is now created and ready to use. 


Questions? We have answers. Contact Givebacks Support.

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