How can I create Signer Types and Assign Signer Roles.

As a District Administrator, you have the ability to create Signer types. Signer Types are the roles assigned to users who are allowed to approve compliance form submissions within a District. You can create these Signer Types under your Compliance Manager > Manage Signer Types. Click New Signer Type and enter the signer title in the box > Click Save. To assign contacts to those signer types, go to your Compliance Manager > Manage Signers. Click New Signer > enter the person's name and email address, and choose the signer type from the drop-down. Click create. 

How to create Signer Types

How to Assign Signer Roles

How to create Signer Types 

1. From Compliance Manager on the left, click Manage Signer Types.


2. Click on New Signer Type.


3. Enter the title you wish to create and click Save.


You are all set. Your new signer type has been created. 

How to Assign Signer Roles

1. Click on Compliance Manager on the left > Manage Signers.


2. Click on the New Signer button. 


 3. Enter the new signer's First and Last Name, Email Address and Choose the Signer Type you wish to assign to the person from the drop-down. Then click Create.


4. You are all set. You have added the Signer role. 


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