Givebacks Setup

How to login to Givebacks for the first time


Customizing the subdomain of your Givebacks site


How to Add and Delete Admins



Setting up your memberships to sell in the store


Entering Cash/check paid members manually


Voiding or Editing a Membership



Setting up your Stripe Account


How to Transfer Stripe Ownership


Store Management

Selling Products in your Store


Managing Inventory Tracking



Sending Messages Through Givebacks


Creating Newsletters Through Givebacks


Website Builder

Givebacks Website Builder


Contact Management

How to Add Contacts to Your Site


Adding Custom/Contact Properties


How to Set up and Manage Hubs


Creating a Site Joins Link



How to Add Events to your GB Calendar


PTA Specific

Updating Officers


Entering State compliance Submission and archiving a rejected submission


Importing Memberships paid by cash/check


Printing/Emailing Membership Cards


Remitting your state dues in Givebacks


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