How do I import contacts?

Site admins can quickly and easily upload contact data into their Givebacks site by selecting Contacts and Manage Contacts on the toolbar. Then click the import icon. Please read the directions, download the template, add your data to the template, and upload the template.

Importing Contacts

To import contacts follow these steps.

Note: This import only adds contacts to your contacts list. It does NOT add or update membership records. Here’s how to enter paid members individually.

1. From the toolbar select Contacts and Manage Contacts.

2. Click the Import icon.

3. Read the instructions and download the template.

4. Enter your data into the template without changing the row header.

  • First Name - required
  • Last Name - required
  • Email - Unique email required. Two contacts may not share the same email address. Contacts without an email address will not be loaded. 
  • Phone Number - optional
  • Role - required, enter Contact or Student
  • Role Year - Leave blank unless you want the contact to be automatically removed at the end of the school year. If you want the contact to expire, which will remove it from your site, enter the year. If you want the contact to expire at the end of the 2023-2024 school year, enter 2024.

5. Save the template as a .csv file.

6. Select Contacts>Manage Contacts and click the Import icon again. Follow Step 2 to upload your file. Check the two boxes to acknowledge the statements and enter your initials.

7. Click the Add CSV button to add your file. Click Import to upload your file.

Results will be emailed

Once the import is complete, the results will be emailed to the person who submitted the import. If there are any errors in the import before the import starts, you may see an error message with instructions. If there are any rows with erroneous or invalid data, the import will skip those rows and try to run to completion.

Custom Imports

The Contact Import is intended to be a simple and quick import. Therefore, it limits the data fields to First Name, Last Name, Email, and Mobile Phone. To import more comprehensive data, you can work with Givebacks on a custom import. Contact us at Givebacks Support to review your options.


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.

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