How do I create account codes?

You can create account codes for products, fundraisers, memberships, and point-of-sale transactions. Account codes are then available in orders and payout reports to help you manage your financial reporting. Account codes are created under Financial Management, Manage Account Codes.

After account codes have been created, add them to specific products or fundraisers. See How to assign account codes.

Creating Account Codes

1. From the Givebacks toolbar, select Financial Management, then select Manage Account Codes.

2. Click the Add Account Code button in the upper right corner.

3. Enter an Account NameAccount Code, and an optional Account Description. The account code must match the given format. A "#" indicates where a number or letter should be entered. A "." or "-" indicates the divider that should be entered.

4. Click Save.

Importing Account Codes

1. Click the three dots next to the Add Account Code button and select Import Codes.

2. Download the template by clicking on Sample Account Codes CSV Template.

3. Fill in the template with the account codes you want to import and save as a .csv file. Do not change the header row.

4. Click the Import link again and click the Select File button. Select your file to upload.

5. Click Import.

6. The account codes will be added to your list.


Note: The account code format is defined by the managing organization.


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.


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