How to review reports with account codes

Using account codes helps manage budgets and financial reports. You can see account codes in order reports and payout reports. After exporting orders and transactions, you can filter or sort by account codes to help with financial reporting.

Ordered Items Report

To view the account codes by items ordered, go to Store ManagementOrdered Items. (Or go to Financial Management > Review Orders > click the blue Ordered Items button.)

You can view ordered items by account code by clicking on the arrows in the Account Code column header.

You can also export the orders. From the .csv file, you can sort or filter by account code.

Payout Report

Account codes are available in your payout reports.

Go to Financial ManagementView Payouts >click the Payout report.

You can view the account code for each transaction, or you can click the download button to export the report to a .csv file.

From here, you can sort or filter on the account code column to calculate the total funds for each code.


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