Can we let shoppers name their price in the Givebacks store?

Allowing shoppers to set their own price is great for donations or items you bundle with a donation. You can even set a minimum price. This feature is available for any item in your store except memberships. When creating a product, check the box to allow shoppers to enter a custom price.

Allowing shoppers to name their own price

1. Add a product to your store. Read How do I add products to my store? for more information.

2. Instead of entering a price, click the box to Allow shoppers to enter custom price.

3. Enter a minimum price. Shoppers won't be able to enter a price below the amount you set.

4. Finish entering your item's details and click Save

What your shoppers will see

Your shoppers will see all of the details of your item and be prompted to enter a custom price above your minimum.


Questions? Contact Givebacks Support.


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